Why InterContinental Kuala Lumpur Should Be Your Next Staycation Spot

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Suspended lights at Tao form the shape of clouds—almost like you’re dining under the stars

10.30AM Waking up without having to hit the snooze button is how all mornings should begin. We’re refreshed, and ready to see what’s on offer today—and we were not disappointed. The same attention to detail that Chef Wong assumed with his crafted flavours was mirrored this morning at breakfast in the Club InterContinental. Natural light spilled effortlessly into the vast expanse of the room, where other Club guests were already milling about the sumptuous spread or tucked into their selections, and before we had the liberty to react, Luu, looking fresh as ever, greeted us with an enthusiasm so genuine, it could only have come from a love for making stellar hospitality impressions.

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11.15AM We had a full afternoon ahead of us in KL, and while we were inclined to keep it cosy with InterContinental’s shuttle service, we opted to discover the city through the eyes of an outsider—on foot, no less. As much as we enjoyed our touristy escapade—from Ilham Gallery to Suria KLCC—the sight of our hotel and its majestic columns after all that were a much-welcomed respite from the blistering heat. Why did we ever leave?

3.30PM Ravenous at this point, the hot sandwiches, decadent butter tarts, and full-flavoured cakes from OneSixFive were served at the Club. The mood dramatically heightened when a sampling platter of Tao’s traditionally baked mooncakes and unique snowskin renditions were placed before us; rich, creamy durian coupled with salted caramel chocolate, roselle skin and cheese balanced with the tangy flavours of the spirulina paste … all as indulgent as their names suggest.

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6PM It’s cocktail hour—and few things in life could beat the contentment from leaning back on a couch, sparkling wine in hand, as the glow from the sunset filters through the surrounding high-rise buildings and into the Club.

9PM I’ve been looking forward to this dinner at Tatsu Japanese Cuisine all week. A carafe of Junmai Daiginjo sake tempered the well-seasoned flavours and tender textures of the wagyu sumiyaki and lamb teppanyaki in this Dine With Me Weekend set, while the platter of kanpachi, hotate, and avocado sushi truly cleansed the palette. To top it all off? Divine Grand Marnier iced soufflé, accompanied by mochi and green tea ice cream.

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