Rome Has Experienced Its First Snow In Six Years And The City Is Even More Beautiful

It’s not just the UK that has been hit by the ‘Beast from the East’ and is experiencing vast amounts of snow.

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The Italian capital city of Rome, which is typically associated with Mediterranean sunshine, was hit by a rare snowstorm on Monday leaving the ancient city covered in a beautiful white blanket.

Altare della Patria rome italy

The Altare della Patria

According to The Localthis is the first patch of snow to arrive in Rome in six years. The snow – which has also hit the UK, France, Germany and Greece – is a result of very cold air from Russia making its way over to Western Europe, which has led the snowstorm to be dubbed the ‘beast from the east’.
Spanish Steps Rome snow pictures

The Spanish Steps. Getty Images

Arguably, the snow left iconic landmarks in Rome such as the Colosseum, Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain looking even more breathtaking than usual as they were covered in the white sheet of snow on Monday morning.

Trevi Fountain snow Italy

The Trevi Fountain