The Six Unique Hotels Around The World

Looking for some unique stays from around the world? We have compiled 6 charming places to stay for your next holiday.

Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet / James Heredia

By definition, the perfect getaway resort is remote, yet austere, and surrounded by stunning nature. Here’s your chance to go offline, start a conversation under the blinking stars and explore the unspoiled nature along with magical snowy landscapes far away from the crowds. Go on, give yourself a break and rejuvenate your soul.

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Vipp Shelter Hotel, Sweden

Vipp Hotel

Images © Vipp

Located in the deep deciduous woods, Vipp shelter goes back to nature. The house stands as a solid rock that contrasts sharply with its surroundings – naked trees and a silent lake. Built-in a 55m2 black steel structure with all the necessities, the accommodation offers a self-service concept and a transparent sky frame window projecting the landscape into the interior. Leaves provide shade in Summer when the building’s black exterior absorbs sunlight, and the fireplace keeps warm during harsh winters.

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The residence can host up to four people at any one time – with one main bed for two people in the lofted upper storey; and space for two additional guests on the day bed on the lower level. You can now fall asleep under the night sky and wake up to the soundtrack from the forest.

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