Exclusive: Vera Wang Is Ready For A Return To Classic Bridal

We have the first look at the designer’s Fall 2018 collection. By Carrie Goldberg

Patrick Demarchelier

Six months ago, Vera Wang proposed her unique take on bridal bohemia and the sexy bride—which translated into nymph-like sheaths, plays on transparency and slick tailoring notes. In her words, “crazy innocence; modern seduction; asymmetry rules.” This season, for Fall 2018, she’s ready to go back to her bridal roots. “I am seeing that girls today are ready for a return to classicism; there is a wanting for something simpler…it’s not necessarily traditional, but with more restraint,” said the designer in her exclusive discussion with us on all things bridal. The designer’s Fall 2018 collection is “in complete contrast to the styles I did six months ago…that was more adventurous; this season, we’re attempting to redefine ball gowns; it’s our interpretation of a modern Grace Kelly.”

Patrick Demarchelier

And per usual, even with an inspiration rooted in something as time-honored as one of the most iconic royal weddings in history, Vera Wang’s riff is anything but predictable or traditional. She’s quick to remind us that she’s a fashion designer who focuses heavily on the bridal world, and not solely an arbiter of bridal taste–although her 30 years of innovation in the bridal space are impressive enough to stand on their own. “It’s not just a bunch of dresses, it’s held together with a common thread,” she says, “like ready-to-wear, bridal needs to be a cohesive thought, with a certain point of view.”

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