Twenty-4 Automatic, The Timepiece For The Contemporary Woman

Twenty-4 Automatic, The Timepiece For The Contemporary Woman

The new model is a modern masterpiece.

Patek Phillipe

The first Swiss-made wristwatch was brought to life by Patek Phillipe for a Hungarian countess in 1868. The Genevan manufacture has since continued to build its legacy of supplying women with feminine masterpieces through its innovative models. However, none were more successful than the charming Twenty-4 that was launched in 1999. The Twenty-4 is a timeless and versatile companion, the name reflecting the fact that it can be worn day or night with a delightful disregard for place or activity. Patek Phillipe persists with its work of crafting for the modern woman as the new Twenty-4 Automatic arrives.

7300/1200R – TWENTY~4

The latest Twenty-4 Automatic was especially created with the tastes of the contemporary female in mind: she, who maintains a lively digital pulse, yet seeks a mechanical masterpiece on her wrist. The modern woman who values tradition and quality yet leads an exhilarating fast-paced lifestyle. The new model features immaculate diamonds which adorns the crown and the lugs of the timepiece, available in both rose gold and stainless steel, with a slew of colours for the dials. The Twenty-4 Automatic could not be more ideal for the twenty-first century woman.

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