Make Australia Your Year-End Holiday Destination

Unique experiences and outdoor explorations await you in the land down under.

Words by Corina Tan

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Embark on your dream vacation as you make Australia your preferred destination this year- end holiday season. With unique experiences and outdoor explorations to keep you fulfilled and entertained, your Australian escapade will truly be a memorable one.

“December is a popular time for international visitors to travel to Australia. With stunning views, relaxing retreats, and endless adventures, Australia is the ideal destination for every traveller to satisfy their wanderlust and end the year with truly memorable experiences. Australia is always ready to receive travellers with an Aussie welcome as warm as our summer days,” said Brent Anderson, Regional General Manager, South & Southeast Asia (SSEA), Tourism Australia.

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Here is a roundup of events, tourism activities and restaurant openings that you can be a part of this December.

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WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL (27th December till 1st January 2023)

One of Australia’s greatest all-music, all-entertainment events, the iconic Woodford Folk Festival is now ushering in its 35th edition. Taking place over six days and nights, it is the largest gathering of artists and musicians in Australia and held at a former barren dairy farm that has been lovingly regenerated to create a habitat for butterflies and wildlife. Fall in love with great music, electric vibes and an infectious community spirit, and be sure to catch the festival’s most spectacular showcase, the Fire Event on New Year’s Day.

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