Monki Celebrates Sisterhood, Female Empowerment, And Art With New Concept Store

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Making a statement with fashion, Swedish-based brand, Monki make a difference in the world by empowering women, celebrating sisterhood and supporting creatives. Whether it’s addressing social sustainability, body rights, mental health, periods or fashion trends, Monki consistently takes the initiative to inspire women to express themselves through style.

As a purpose-driven brand, Monki aims to be a part of a global change by celebrating women at the forefront of their mission. With that, Monki has teamed up with seven local female artists for their new store opening campaign. Titled “Seven Sisters Salute Sisterhood”, the talented creatives have created works of art that represent their view of sisterhood.

Each artist’s work will be displayed in the new store, with smaller versions of their work made available to customers as a gift with purchase during the store opening.

Monki’s Concept Store In Stockholm

Dubbed “Dream Weavery”, the new concept store, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, will be decorated with soft yet impactful colours through every part of the store – from floor to ceiling – enhanced with elements such as a Monki chandelier, wavy accessory stands, and an impactful, minimalistic entrance area. There will also be eye-catching and colourful in-store installations created by multi-disciplinary artist Nawwar Shukriah Ali – a collaboration highlighting the work between Monki and the local creative community.

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“When Monki briefed me about the Dream Weavery store concept, I was psyched to hear the dream part as I’m still on my journey in learning about dreams and the subconscious mind,” said Nawwar. She adds, “Like how powerful your mind is that you have the universe inside you to make things happen, you are limitless and so magical. So the work is about something cosmic, about being whole even when we have multiple facets to us.”

Monki will also offer gift cards to the first 100 inside the store, goodie bags, a Monki-style photo booth, as well as a special opening day discount. In addition to that, the brand has also teamed up with local female small business owners, whose merchandise will be available as gifts when customers spend a certain amount – think candles, soap bars and beaded bracelets.

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This new concept store will join the other 90 concept stores Monki has globally. Visit the new store on 3 December from 11 AM at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

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