Who is Caprice? And Why is he Trending on Social Media?

Caprice recently cancelled his big reveal on the 21st of July, but why?

Caprice or his real name Ariz Ramli was recently involved in a big dispute between Ebit Lew while he was in Egypt. Caprice has been in Egypt for over a month to conduct talks and seminars, at the same time he is completing documents to attain a permit to be granted access into Palestine. He intends to visit Gaza, provide aid, visit the war-torn areas and the people in Gaza.


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Despite being there for one month he has yet to gain access into Gaza or Palestine. Instead, he faced a dispute with Ebit Lew, and receive a lot of criticism for attempting to do a big reveal on his Instagram on the 21st July 2021. The online community voiced out their opinions towards Caprice, and the dispute escalated even further.

He has since cancelled his big reveal and remains silent on social media. This came after his emotional outburst about his dispute over Ebit Lew, and his frustration of not being able to grant access into Gaza. Caprice who suffers from anxiety and insomnia has spoken about his frustrations, and how it’s triggering his mental health. The online community have been hinting that he needs to take care of his mental health in order to make a clear decision, as he has been seen being more emotional than usual in live chats and clubhouse.

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Mission to get in Gaza

In June Caprice left Malaysia and flew to Egypt, to give donations to Gaza, and conduct motivational talks in Universities in Palestine. Caprice has always been keen on fighting for the Palestine-Israel crisis, hoping to send donations to the people of Gaza, and educating the youth of Palestine.

While he was there on mission Ebit Lew was there at the same time, Caprice looks up to Ebit Lew as a philanthropist and they met up in Egypt after Ebit Lew completed his mission in Gaza with Parliament member of Baling Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim who held the position as Head of Mission.



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Caprice criticised a photo that Ebit Lew uploaded onto his social media account saying that he was using photos of poor children in Gaza. The issue went viral on social media after Caprice commented that Ebit Lew allegedly used photos of poor children in Gaza to publicise his humanitarian mission based on allegations by the Palestinian people. Caprice went on Social Media to explain that he was expressing his opinion based on what he was told by his Palestinian friends and connections.

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Caprice also stated that his plans to enter Gaza with Ebit Lew were also stopped due to “outside intervention.” This issue received the attention of the whole country, including members of the public, celebrities and politicians. Caprice had plans to Go Live on Social media to reveal what really happens in Gaza on the 21st of July. He hinted that there were many wrongdoings in terms of political power play and it was also questionable as to whether the funds from Malaysia donated to Gaza, was really received by those in need.



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Social media was in a frenzy over the issue, even though Caprice apologised for the way he reacted. Ebit Lew blocked Caprice from all his social media accounts. Caprice has since apologized for the consequences of the issue, stating that he was “overly emotional” about the situation in Palestine, and decided to continue the mission alone.

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Who is Caprice?


His real name is Ariz Ramli, he is 32 years old and is better known as Caprice. He is the founder of Caprice Records, a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker for the youth. Caprice is fluent in French, as he lived in France, Algeria and Jordan growing up. Caprice has 1.8 million followers on Instagram. He is knowned for commenting on current issues via his Instagram account, with the famous lines, ” What is on the news today?”  He has a great influence on the youth community and is known as Malaysia’s ‘Bad Boy.’