Hermès Reveal New Male Skincare Collection

Hermès Male Skincare Collection

Hermès reveal a new male skincare collection as well as an eau de parfum. We think men too deserve indulgent, effective and luxurious skincare products as well.


H24 Eau De Parfum

Crafted by Christine Nagel, director of creation and olfactory heritage for Hermes Parfums, the H24 EDP strikes a balance between nature and technology. Still upholding the H24 signature of unprecedented breadth and intensity, expect emerging green notes of moss, sage, rosewood, narcissus and sclarene. 


Hermès H24 Eau De Parfum


“I plunged deep into woodland, where moss grows in the shade of the trees and young shoots draw strength to develop their fibres and roots. I picture the small, fragile shoot that was my inspiration for H24 becoming part of this powerful and enveloping natural environment.It starts to change, gaining in woodiness to become a more deeply rooted and intensely green plant.” explains Nagel.

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Like the scent, its chiselled glass bottle is a statement maker too. Designed specially by Philippe Mouquet, this flacon is supposed to express the aerodynamic lines and the momentum of men. Refillable too, we love that its packaging is incredibly green too. Made entirely of untreated paper, the outer box is composed of recycled fibres. Its stronger shade of grey is used to emphasise the depth of the fragrance.


H24 Skincare

Hermès Male Skincare Collection


Embodying the same philosophy as the H24 fragrances, the new skincare range is rich in plant energy. The collection looks to be the skincare solution for the modern man. The Hydrating and Energising face moisturiser is our top pick from the collection. Its antioxidant-rich formula protects the skin from external pollutants and aggressors. 

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The range hopes to challenge and reconnect you to the natural world. Suited for all skin types, each product is fairly lightweight and sits comfortably on the skin. To add to its antioxidant-rich and skin-loving formula, this collection prides itself on its ingredient selection too. Never forgetting the earth and environment, Hermès have thoughtfully crafted each product with ingredients of at least 86% natural origin. 

Do head over to the Hermès website to find the nearest boutique to you if you’d like to check out the complete H24 collection in person.