Jo Malone London Presents: Five Stylish BAZAAR Men Pick Their Favourite Scent

From designers to directors, the modern gentleman is a unique and complex character—BAZAAR’s most stylish men offer us their philosophy in finding scent-sational matches.

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Bront Palarae

Actor, producer and director

Suit jacket; trousers; and shirt, all from Fendi

SCENT MEMORY … The olfactory sense has the power to transport you back to different moments in your life. Some scents remind me of brief encounters that are just right, like a time machine, taking me back to different places or the different people I’ve encountered.

MY STYLE … is something I get to shed with each character I play.

SCENT PICK … Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense.

WHAT MAKES A SCENT … I like scents that radiate freedom and expression. Scents that re-energise me. You’ll know if a scent is truly you when you smell it.

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