Asian Beauty Brands That You Must Know About Now

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Sunnies Face

“We asked ourselves—will we ever find one brand that has everything we love about makeup? One brand that gets us completely?”, Marketing Director Georgina Wilson wondered, “Sunnie’s Face is everything we love about makeup that we think you might love too”. This Philippines-based beauty brand understands and believes that beauty is diverse, so they built an empire that speaks to every kind of beauty consumer you can imagine. Created around the philosophy that makeup should be accessible to absolutely everybody, the shade and price range for their products are unrivaled. Sunnies Face is truly the beauty brand that best reflects the modern-day consumer to the tee, and we can’t get enough of it!

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The newly launched Lip Dip is nothing like you’ve tried before. Its velvety texture paired with vibrant, super-pigmented colours changes the game of liquid lipsticks. One swipe and you’re all set for the day. Priced at PHP345 (approx. RM30) each, available at Sunnies Face Online.

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