Skechers X One Piece

Skechers has come up with an exciting line of footwear for men, women and kids. Taking inspiration from anime series One Piece, each sneaker design is based on five key characters in the series.

Skechers x One Piece Collection - (Franky

 Skechers X One Piece Collection – Franky

The new range comes in five new styles, featuring colourways of the well-loved characters from anime series One Piece. Skechers has chosen three of their most popular street-style sneakers for this collaboration, namely the bold Monster series; the urban-sporty style Stamina V2 series; and the iconic chunky D’Lites 4.0 series.

Skechers x One Piece Collection -Monkey D Luffy

 Skechers x One Piece Collection -Monkey D Luffy

The collection draws on the strong affinity of five key characters: Monkey D. Luffy, Franky, Roronoa Zoro, Vinsmoke Sanji and Tony Tony Chopper. Skechers pays close attention to detail, when it comes to designing the collection. Taking inspiration from  the anime characters’ accessories such as Luffy’s well-known straw hat and Zoro’s distinctive green haramaki.

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For the first-time ever Skechers introduces two kids’ footwear, reimagined from Tony Tony Chopper and Monkey D. Luffy characters, with the latter designed as a matching style to the adults’ footwear.

Skechers X One Piece Collection Vinsmoke Sanji

Skechers X One Piece Collection Vinsmoke Sanji

The new Skechers x One Piece collection also includes apparel and accessories, such as casual slides, t-shirts, pullover, hoodies, hats and pouches, which will be launched on a later date.

The collection is now available online and at selected Skechers stores.