Explore Hidden Gems In South Korea

You’ll be bustling in and out of villages, and destinations, all over Seoul.

Annyeong Yeorobun! Travel is making a “triumphant return”, and travellers around the world are making plans to hit the road all the way from South to North. While visiting the same old tourist spots might be boring, we have some destinations with unique and untainted charms. There’s a variety of interesting corners and more secret places to discover!

A Rural Experience

Yeongwol County

Hidden Gems in South Korea

Courtesy of Young World

Located in Gangwon Province 2.5 hours from Seoul, the county has many nature attractions. There are cave adventures, local markets, leisure sports as well as cultural properties for you to explore. The highlights include the Danjong Culture Festival which is celebrated at the end of April since 1967. It is a cultural event to console the spirit of King Danjong and his loyal vassals. Don’t forget to try some local food, we recomend Jangeo Gui (Grilled Eel), Songeo Hoe (Sliced Raw Trout), Bori Bap (Steamed Barley and Rice), Chik Guksu (Kudzu Noodles) and more.


Pohang is a major coastal city in Korea with notable attractions such as the Jukdo Market (one of the most popular fresh fish markets in Korea) and Homigot Sunrise Square, a famous hand statue where you can catch the stunning sunrise. Another spot you shouldn’t miss is the largest traditional village in South Korea – Yangdong Village. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage showcasing the traditional culture and beautiful natural environment of the Joseon Dynasty. Fresh local seafood and Korean food are a must-try. Jeon (Korean Pancake), Twigim (Deep Fried Dishes), Sujebi (Hand-pulled dough soup) and you can also get some local food at the Jukdo Market.

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Are you a Soju lover? Known as the birthplace of Soju, Andong is known as the Centre of culture and folk tradition. UNESCO-listed Hahoe Village is the most famous folk village in this town, and you should pay a visit to reminiscent the Joseon-era rural life. Nestled on the picturesque Nakdong River, surrounded by cultural treasures and important traditional materials that are beautifully preserved.

Some other tourist attractions you’ll be visiting: Buyongdae Cliff where you can get a bird’s-eye-view of Hahoe Village, Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy and The Hahoe Mask Museum which offers additional insight into the traditional masks. If you’d like to join a special celebration – Andong Folk Festival (also called Maskdance Festival)  is held in mid-October every year.

Away From it All

Hannae Forest of Wisdom

Courtesy of ArchDaily

This is definitely a paradise for book lovers! Located in Nowon-gu, a residential district of Seoul, this artistic complex and simple space offer some of the best experience to increase your knowledge.

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Orgel 4757

Courtesy of Seoul Korea Tour

This store sells one of the best souvenirs in town. The building looks like a double-story house, but it’s actually a music box store run by an owner, who personally collects vintage products at European flea markets and makes a collection of unique music boxes. 

Mirinae Holy Site

The church was built in 1986 located at Anseong, Gyeonggi-do. the building is fondly known as ‘Mirinae’ from a pure Korean word for the Milky Way. Reputed to be one of the best churches to visit in Autumn as it is surrounded by dense Autumn leaves and you can feel the peaceful and serene atmosphere when strolling leisurely along the site.

A Relaxing Escape

Pocheon Art Valley

A picture-perfect landscape with a green lake and sharply cut cliffs exploited from an old remnant rock quarry. If you are looking for a day trip outside of Seoul then visiting the Pocheon Art Valley is a great place to spend the afternoon. With an art & culture complex, visitors may stroll along the boulevard enjoying the stunning scenery.

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Hantangang Sky Bridge

Hidden Gems in South Korea

Courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization

A walk close to the clouds. The bridge was built 50M above ground across the Hantan River Gorge in Pocheon. Spend an hour here strolling along and watching the sunset to capture your perfect moment.


Hidden Gems in South Korea

Courtesy of Choonkn’s Blog

A garden pavilion sits on a mountain peak in the village of Saean-ri in Goesan County’s Chilseong township. The pavilion, which is at the border of Songnisan National Park, sits along Gosan’s Circular Wall — an old mountain path with a view over the Chilsung Reservoir. It’s name carries the meaning of “keep your heart clean and blue.”

Life can be as busy or as relaxing as you likecreate your itinerary to suit your pace. Choose from nature excursions to, stunningly beautiful yet out-of-the-ordinary hidden spots. Have Fun!

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