4 Local Nail Wraps to Try for a 10 Minute Manicure

WrapIt Nails


If you’re like me and have desperately missed your manicurist during this lockdown, fret not as this quick solution is coming to the rescue. Fail-proof and completely versatile, we’ve turned to nail wraps to treat our fingertips—it’s easy application and quick change from design to design is why they’ve become our go-to’s. From nude minimalist designs to those with a little more funky flair, here are some of our favourite local picks for nail stickers!


Wonder Nails


From graphic colourful lines, to local Nyonya inspired designs, Wonder Nails nail wraps come in a pack of 16 nail stickers to suit all nail sizes. Choose from their wonderful collection of designs that speak to all types of moods and personalities. What we love about them is that they also give you the option to upgrade your nail wrap experience by offering a gel top coat and a UV Lamp as your final step for longer-lasting & glossier nail wraps.


WrapIt Nails


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We love the variety of designs on offer at WrapIt Nails! Smartly organised in seven different collections—it allows for super easy navigation to find the right wrap you are looking for. Another cute note is the fact that they also have nail wraps for kids too! Make it a family affair and treat you and your kids to a fun spa session right at home.


Kooku Nails


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Kooku nail wraps range from super simple designs to really lux looking finishes. Their 16 self adhesive nail stickers and eight different nail sizes available in each pack makes for super easy application and you really won’t struggle with finding a size that’ll fit your nail bed. You also have the option to strengthen your nail wrap finish with either a smooth matte or high gloss top coat that can be cured with their mini UV LED lamp to deliver a more polished and durable finish.




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NailWrap.Co are from our neighbours in Singapore and their collection of nail wraps is crazy extensive and they have a design for just about any occasion and style you could dream of. One thing that we adore is the fact that they also offer pedicure wraps too! So you’ll be able to not just quickly beautify your fingertips but get the whole spa experience by magically enhancing your toes too in just about 10-minutes.