Bottega Veneta Wardrobe 02

Discover Bottega Veneta’s Delectable Wardrobe 02 Collection Here.

There’s an ease about Bottega Veneta’s impressive array of swoon-worthy pieces that we simply adore. Not that any of this is new – Daniel Lee’s penchant for creating easy-going yet utterly desirable clothing as well as cult-worthy accessories have been a consistent theme throughout his tenure at Bottega Veneta. Staying true to his roots (and that of the House), his latest collection, dubbed Wardrobe 02, is a bevy of glamorous essentials focused on elegance and comfort. Streamlined and finessed to perfection, you’ll find a plethora of high-impact yet sophisticated pieces in this collection.

Performance clothing is of the essence, stressed through technical fabrics and ready-to-wear pieces that are anything but conservative. Thrown into the equation, an established sense of refinement, confidence and maturity that are projected through minute details specially lavished with care and attention. Note the lean and sleek silhouettes that hug and drape with precision and attitude, balanced with structured yet relaxed, tailored pieces that offer a generous reprieve to the seriousness of traditional tailoring.

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But that’s not all that’s on offer for this collection. Exploring the fine balance between subtlety and excess, bright colours and playful embellishments (consisting of dancing feathers and sequins that sparkle in the light) accentuate and complement; neither overpowering the other. Ultimately, the genius of Wardrobe 02 lies in its whimsical and cerebral take on everyday glamour without the overt display of jarring excess. Pared-back extravagance laced with sprinkles of joy and charisma? Yes, please.


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All images courtesy of Bottega Veneta.


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