5 Hair Myths Revealed

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Myth 1: Plucking out one grey hair will make two sprout
Truth: This is not correct, as each hair follicle only has one hair; however: “Once you spot one grey hair you start looking for more,” says Bruce Masefield, Sassoon UK creative director.

Myth 2: Products can solve split-ends
Truth: “Some products can definitely help maintain the condition of your hair, but regular trims, every six to eight weeks, are the only way to fully avoid split ends,” says Masefield.

Myth 3: Running your hair under cold water makes it shiny
Truth: Yes and no: “This has the same effect as using your hair dryer to blast your hair with cold air: it closes your cuticles and locks in moisture, which in turn will make your hair healthier and shinier,” says Masefield.

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Myth 4: Regular trims makes your hair grow faster
Truth: “Regular trims won’t make your hair grow faster, but they will make it stronger and therefore less prone to breakages and split ends,” says Masefield.

Myth 5: Dying your hair will cause damage
Truth: “Bleaching hair can dry it out and damage it, however there are plenty of nourishing treatments to help replenish hair,” says Edward Darley, Sassoon UK colour director. Invest in good quality, hydrating shampoos and conditioners and use a mask once a week to keep your hair in the best condition possible.

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