6 Local Period Brands To Break The Cycle

Over the past decade, women have started to shift away from conventional, mass-market products and toward the clean, green, and reusable options offered by disruptive local period brands. A slew of sustainable period products has showcased great potential to change the conversation and attitude around menstruation in Malaysia.

 If you’re wondering where to start being proud, and unapologetic about your own experience with periods, it is by using our local brands. From menstrual cups to period underwear and classic pads, below are our favourite local period care brands that deserve a chance.


Putting sustainability as the core of their brand, Bobble offers 100 per cent organic cotton pads and tampons that are safe as well as gentle for your body. Their ultra-thin pads are breathable, comfortable and absorbent, making them our favourite go-to.

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Decked out in aesthetically-pleasing chrome-coloured reflective boxes, Enya’s products were made to encourage women to celebrate their periods. On top of that, they’re also here to kick-start conversations about women’s health and debunk period myths. Enya is known for its 100 per cent organic cotton pads that are perfect for those with either regular or heavy flow. Featuring great absorbency, their pad is comfortable and lets you go about your day with ease.

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Suci Cup

Suci Cup creates sustainable and reusable period cups (menstrual cups) that empower people to live their best lives simply and sustainably. The brand also aims to promote menstrual cups as a safer, and more comfortable alternative period care product for women.

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Bloody Good Shop


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Better for your body as well as the environment, Bloody Good Shop is perfect for those who’d like to switch out their pads and tampon. The brand highlights their notable menstrual cup that’s made from 100 per cent medical-grade silicone. It’s an alternative to period care that’s comfortable and easy to use. The cup collects blood rather than absorbs it, allowing your vagina to stay naturally moist and at a healthy pH level.

For beginners, we’d recommend opting for the Ruby Cup because of its small and soft standard-size cups. Moreover, they also offer other alternatives such as period underwear, which also helps to break stigmas that surround reproductive health in Malaysia.

Shop now at Bloodygoodshop.com

The Hive

As the pioneer zero waste store in Malaysia, The Hive Bulk Foods is determined to encourage sustainable living for the betterment of our planet. With that in mind, they started offering The Hivette, Malaysia’s first local menstrual cup and period underwear. Without a doubt, these period care options are an environmentally-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. Plus, it’s also a solution to plastic problems on Earth.

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Reliable and comfortable, Refined’s period care options let you stay comfortable and confident throughout the time of your month. We personally love their period underwear, which has a built-in, leak-proof lining to absorb period, light leaks, discharge and colour. Even more, they also have breathable, absorbent and naturally anti-bacterial pads and liners that are soft and comfortable.

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