7 Great Tips For Instant Energy



We’re all prone to the odd bout of tiredness, and for some of us the casual yawn can graduate to full-blown fatigue by the end of a long working week. Luckily, science – in the form of one renowned Dr. Libby Weaver – is here to help. BAZAAR spoke to the doctor (official job title: nutrtional biochemist) ahead of the release of her new book Exhausted to Energised, and came out with seven surefire tips to help you feel more energised, ASAP.

1. Get more green vegetables – Eating green vegetables, particularly those with green leaves, is like eating sunshine. Green vegetables are a good source of antioxidants and contain a number of different vitamins and minerals needed for efficient intrinsic energy production. They also contain non-haem (vegetarian) iron, a critical mineral for effective oxygenation. Great oxygen delivery to the cells and tissues of the body is critical for great energy.

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2. Drink green tea – Green tea is a wonderfully uplifting beverage to consume. It contains an amino acid called l-theanine which boosts energy levels but also helps to keep us calm. It is also packed full of antioxidants and can make a great alternative to coffee.

3. Check your iron levels – Iron deficiency is the most common dietary deficiency in the world, particularly among women of child-bearing age. Without healthy red blood cells, your body can’t get enough oxygen; the consequence of not having sufficient oxygen in the body is constant fatigue. Ask your GP to check your iron.

4. Incorporate muscle – building exercise- Incorporate more resistance training or muscle building exercise. This helps to build lean muscle mass. More muscle means more energy-producing mitochondria in our cells – resulting in a higher metabolic rate, which assists with body fat management as well as energy production.

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5. Close open tabs – Work on closing what I call “open tabs”- these are tasks, emails or jobs that haven’t been resolved. It’s as if we walk around each day with so many tabs open – like websites sitting open on your computer screen, that it’s no wonder we feel drained or flattened. Schedule tasks instead of just listing them.

6. Explore your perceptions – Be conscious of how your perceptions influence your mood and energy state. Write a list of what makes you feel alive and energised, and what saps your energy – your “energy vampires.” Actively work on doing more of the things that make you feel energised whilst simultaneously reducing your energy vampires.

7. Look at the whole picture – Remember how you eat, drink, move, think, breathe, believe and perceive all impact how you show up each day. Your biochemistry, the nutrients you consume, as well as your beliefs impact whether you experience energy or not. We must give our body what it needs to create the conditions inside of us that allow us to feel energised.

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For more tips on how to get more energy, read Dr Libby’s latest book Exhausted to Energized, available here.