9 Ways To Party-Proof Your Skin, By An A-list Make-up Artist

Imaxtree, Gregory Scaffidi

Fresh from making up Victoria Beckham that morning, Valeria Ferreira met with Bazaar to share some of the secrets she usually reserves for her A-list clientele (her other London-based regulars include Jenna Coleman, Lily James and Rosamund Pike). As the La Mer UK make-up artist ambassador, Ferreira’s approach is very much skin first, make-up-with-skincare-benefits second. With the impending threat of silly season hitting our faces with the booze bloat, breakouts and tired eyes, we asked her how to party-proof our skin and mask those inevitable signs of having toogood a time. Try this strategy throughout December to cheat a fresh face.


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Hydrate inside and out

“Think about your water internally and externally. When it comes to drinking alcohol, drinking water too is obviously so important. But also, people tend to use a moisturiser that is not hydrating enough, so look for anything that brings water back into the skin, not one that just acts as a barrier. At this time of year with cold weather, central heating, indulgent diets and heavy make-up, you need to look for humectants [ingredients in skincare that attract water molecules, Bazaar recommends Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum with hyaluronic acid]. You can try adding an oil to your moisturiser at night or into your foundation for day. I also like to use a face mist, for instant on-the-go hydration [try Zelens Z Balance Prebiotic & Probiotic Facial Mist].”

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