Achieve Youthful Skin Harmony with La Prairie


Infused with Caviar Infinite, La Prairie invites you to indulge in the harmony of youth with their latest Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait. Taking a new innovative approach to lifting and firming, this serum is powered by micro-fluidic technology. And with continuous use, expect contours to appear more resculpted, volume feels regained and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.



With the concept of harmony at the heart of this new serum, La Prairie draw inspiration from Bauhaus—the proclaimed masters of harmony. With them in mind, this serum was birthed by the scientific pursuits culminated in a breakthrough centred on skin ligaments—skin’s vertical pillars. Never been done before, La Prairie have tapped a unique niche in facial science to understand that skin ligaments are directly correlated to our facial harmony.

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Essential to the structural stability of the skin, you will notice that over time the ligaments in the face do weaken. Gravity continues to do its job and concerns like facial sagging, loss of firmness, and the appearance of wrinkles are accelerated and more profound. Taking this into account, La Prairie scientists entered into a collaboration with a Swiss bioanalytical laboratory to develop ground-breaking test protocols that allowed them to identify and quantify components of skin ligaments.


And from their in-depth analysis and research, they created the Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait. At the core of its formula is Caviar Infinite. An innovative blend of proprietary caviar ingredients, augmented with a specific high-efficacy active, Caviar Infinite is in charge of helping to visibly strengthen and redensify the skin.

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What also makes the Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait so unique is its texture. With the beads in the formula delicately melting together to form a gel-like texture, it transforms into a light extrait that effortlessly infuses into the skin, leaving a satin-smooth finish on the complexion.


Effortlessly slip the Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait into your skin ritual by applying it after the complexion has been throughly cleansed, toned and primed with Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion. One pipette worth of the formula is the perfect amount to cover the entire face. Then, complete the ritual and enhance the lifting and firming action of the Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait with the Skin Caviar Liquid Lift and Skin Caviar Luxe Cream.



To experience the incredible science and formula of the new Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait for yourself, why not make your way to the Gardens Mall from 19 September to 2 October, where La Prairie will be having a limited-time activation at the South Atrium at the ground floor. Also, visit the La Prairie’s official Instagram page or their website for more information.

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