BAZAAR Aesthetics Special: Crystal Clear

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and sagging skin with this rejuvenating programme. Photography: Courtesy of The Sloane Clinic

Refine your complexion with the skin-perfecting effects of The Sloane Clinic Tone & Lift Program. Devised to tackle slack skin, enlarged pores, and dark spots caused by ageing and environmental aggressors, this programme couples a nifty laser technology, known as Laser Toning, with microdermabrasion for a renewed glow.

Specially developed in California, Laser Toning utilises a laser energy that penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to boost collagen synthesis and other vital proteins, treating scars and wrinkles at their roots. This exchanges older, stretched skin fibres for younger, tighter skin while nixing scars and minimising pores. Simultaneously, the exfoliating action of microdermabrasion polishes away blotchy discolouration and promotes a healthy skin barrier. Expect bright, rejuvenated skin that looks smoother and firmer than ever.

With no downtime required, this programme is no pain, all gain. Completed in just 15 minutes, the laser beams emit a warm and gentle prickly sensation that feels almost relaxing. Leaving only a mild rosy flush that fades within hours, this procedure is the quick fix you need for lasting results.

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