BAZAAR Aesthetics Special: The Naked Truth

Strip’s hygiene pack and cooling gel prior to its IPL treatment ensure a clean, pain-free session. Photography: Courtesy of Strip

At one point or another, you’ve probably wondered if the feelings of sheer confidence and insurmountable sexiness that follow a Brazilian wax outweigh the inevitable pain of, well, getting the Brazilian wax. Good news is, taking it all off doesn’t have to be something you painfully endure. At Strip, removing hair from delicate areas is as quick and gentle as it should be, and expert skills and quality products yield flawless result sans sting. Its ongoing “We Want Your Hair” campaign even encourages everyone to indulge in luxury waxing sessions for less, while the salon offers long-term hair reduction solutions, too.

Strip’s Brazilian Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment uses concentrated bursts of filtered light to weaken hair follicles at the root, zapping hair away to keep you smoother for a longer time. Unlike other IPL devices, Strip’s specially customised Powerpac IPL machine emits a warm, soothing sensation on the skin. The crystal applicator feels almost relaxing—a welcome relief for those with low pain thresholds.

With the state-of-the-art Strip Brazilian IPL treatment, post-hair-removal care is simplified. In addition to the extensive hair reduction, the treatment is favoured for reducing pigmentation and minimising ingrown hair, which commonly occurs on skin that has been treated with traditional wax. At the end of each session, Strip Ice Cream is slathered on the skin to cool and hydrate, leaving it softer than ever, and promising reduced hair growth for up to two years after six sessions. No pain, all gain.

Available at Strip stores nationwide.