BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2018: Best Loose Powder

dUCk Girl Powder Loose Setting Powder, RM84.50

Why BAZAAR Loves It

Glow is in, but looking greasy? Not so much. Well loved by many, and a star product in its own league, Duck Cosmetics’ Girl Powder—Loose Setting Powder is the much-needed seal to every modern woman’s beauty look. This translucent powder sets your make-up within seconds, and keeps the shine at bay all day long.

Game Changer

The Girl Powder — Loose Setting Powder is an ultra fine blend of Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil that not only helps with setting your look for perfection, but also prevents environmental stressors from affecting your skin. According to BAZAAR’s Beauty Awards 2018 judge, Dr. Teh Jia Li, “this light powder with fine shimmers brightened the skin,” and its paraben-free formula, which contains absolutely no comedogenic ingredients, means you won’t have clogged pores or blackheads making surprise appearances on your skin. 

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Having a heavy daily schedule shouldn’t be an excuse to neglect beauty duties. This one jar wonder comes with a travel-size puff for easy touch-ups throughout the day. And with the built-in compact mirror, you won’t need to stop at every window for a quick reflection checks. Fit this in even your smallest of bags, or add a splash of royal purple to your beauty collection– this instant pick-me-up will quickly become part of your daily ritual.

Available at Duck Comestics Store, 6.18.00 Level 6, Pavilion KL. Tel: 03-2110 5959. and