BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2018: Best Makeup Remover

Ferrarossa Makeup Melter and Cleansing Oil, RM79

Why BAZAAR Loves It

The calming infusion of lavender oil transforms Ferrarossa’s Makeup Melter and Cleansing Oil into the ultimate sensorial experience. Topped with moisturising aloe vera oil and the anti-aging argan oil, and we’ve got an easy winner. Not only does it remove every trace of make-up without stripping your skin off its natural moisture, Ferrarossa’s cleansing oil also leaves you with a clean canvas that’s prepped and ready for the rest of your skincare routine to work its magic.

Peace of Mind

When skincare application becomes a chore, you might be tempted to neglect certain necessary steps. But with an all-encompassing product like Ferrarossa’s make-up remover, you’ll actually look forward to removing that full face of make-up before bed. BAZAAR Beauty Awards judge, Julie XXX of KULET, couldn’t agree more—“This makeup removing oil smells so good, and makes the entire process very relaxing. Just two pumps and it melts away all traces of makeup.”

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Why Don’t You…

Pamper yourself with a quick facial oil massage? Pump a few drops of Ferrarossa’s Makeup Melter and Cleansing Oil on your palms, rub both together to warm up the oil, and apply on your skin. Starting from the center of your face, work your way outwards in an upward circular motion, gently massaging the facial muscles to relieve tension. Regular facial massages also help to achieve a youthful inner glow while hitting the pause button on wrinkles.

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