BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2019: Best Anti-Ageing Overnight Mask

Carpe Noctem

Firmly believing in the Latin aphorism for seizing the night, Skin Regimen sets itself apart with its highly effective overnight masks. The brand’s Night Detox overnight mask was formulated from a desire to develop a mask capable of nourishing the face throughout the entire sleep cycle, providing radiant, supple, and smooth skin in the morning. The leave-on regenerating night mask boosts the skin’s natural autophagy by encouraging the skin to eliminate built-up toxins with its signature blend of natural ingredients. For optimal results, Skin Regimen encourages a cycle of 28 days every three months, which allows the mask to chip away at stressed and tired skin, fine lines, wrinkles and the first signs of ageing.

Skin Regimen Night Detox, RM468 (50ml)

Skin Regimen Night Detox, RM468 (50ml)


The night mask is fueled by the company’s patented Longevity Complex, made up entirely of organic superfood extracts that interact with specially formulated molecules to actively counteract the effects of stress and ageing accelerators. Wild indigo is used to modulate excess cortisol while boosting beta-endorphins, with maqui berry and spinach utilised to promote ideal DNA methylation and anti-glycation. Alpha-glucan yeast is also used to reinforce the skin’s autophagy mechanism, with a final protective barrier developed with the assistance of gluconolactone, a polyhydroxy acid that acts on the outer skin layer, weakening the corneocyte structure and encouraging balanced cellular turnover.

Why BAZAAR Loves It

The Night Detox mask has become a home-stay for many over the course of our judging cycle, with little to no surprise, considering how the mask transforms dull skin to a radiant, glowing on overnight. Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2019 judge and celebrity make-up artist, Shiyo Joo, calls the mask a miracle fix, “The beautifully textured Night Detox quickly revives and refreshes skin. The natural scent also makes the cream a joy to put on before bed.” Steering clear of synthetic fragrances aren’t the brand’s only commitment to the environment though—the Italian brand utilises fully recyclable glass, sugarcane-derived plastic, and FSC-certified paper in all their products. Coupled with the brand’s carbon dioxide neutral operations and reforestation projects in Africa, Skin Regimen is a clear winner in the BAZAAR books.


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