BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2019: Best Skin Renewal Serum

BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2019: Best Skin Renewal Serum

A skin renewal serum that is packed with Swiss tech for your best skin ever.

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence Recovery Serum

Ahead of the Curve

Setting itself apart from the pack, Swissline focuses on youth-inducing, rather than anti-ageing in its latest Age Intelligence range. Designed to protect and revitalise skin, the serum should be used before signs of ageing are present for optimal results. Aiming to neutralise the negative effects brought on from pollution, stress, jetlag, sun damage, and other lifestyle contributors, the Recovery Serum’s effects also extend to prolonging the effects of aesthetic treatments.

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence Recovery Serum, RM828 (30ml)

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence Recovery Serum, RM828 (30ml)

Packed with Tech

Leveraging on its state-of-the-art research facility in Zurich, Swissline has developed a bevvy of trademarked technology to elevate its products in a competitive market. The first of which, Madecassoside, is a highly potent purified extract from tiger herb plant, used for its soothing and recovery properties. Ronacare, on the other hand, is a cyclopeptide that boosts production of basal membrane proteins like collagen and laminins, improving the skin structure and reducing wrinkle depth in the process. The final key patented technology is Ectoin, borne of a natural substance that was synthesised by a hyper-adaptive microorganism capable of surviving in the harshest of conditions. Swissline calls it an “anti-stress” molecule, primarily due to its ability to protect cellular membranes from environmental hazards and temperature variations.

Why BAZAAR Loves It

For such a highly regarded serum, Swissline’s Cell Shock Age Intelligence Recovery Serum is remarkably easy to introduce into one’s daily routine. The serum is suitable to use with all other types of treatments and doesn’t leave behind an oily or sticky layer. Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards judge, aesthetics physician Dr Chan Ann Chyi, says of the Recovery Serum, “A beautiful serum. The texture is silky and ultra-smooth against the skin. Containing cyclopeptides that are proven to improve skin laxity, I can visibly see the improvements on my marionette lines with daily usage.”


Available at authorised Swissline beauty salons and spas nationwide.

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