BAZAAR Clinical Aesthetics Awards 2019: Best Fine Lines & Scar Treatment

Dermapen4 Microneedling by Dermapenworld at Dr Abby Clinic  


As we age, a generation of fibroblast cells that stimulates the development of collagen and elastin will start to diminish, bringing about ageing skin. Dermapen4 Microneedling  by Dermapenworld manages these skin issues by carefully damaging the skin—just enough—to stimulate self-growth and repair factors that reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and hyper pigmentation. While there are many similar devices on the market, Dr Abby Clinic’s use of the real Dermapen4 machine ensures a non-surgical treatment with fast and effective results.


Delivering over 1,900 punctures per second, the Dermapen4 needles merely infiltrate through the epidermis without removing it, hence allowing skin’s regular defensive barrier to stay intact. With skilled administration, the penetrated epidermis recuperates in a matter of hours, as the generation of collagen begins. Essentially, the treatment encourages the skin to demolish old, damaged tissue that causes acne scarring and wrinkles, and supplants it with newly created collagen.

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The Dermapen4 device allows for the procedure to be fairly quick, generally completed within five to 15 minutes on the face and neck area. Safe and effective, there might be immediate visible redness, but this is easily remedied with hydration masks. The result—seen in a matter of days, is plumper and smoother skin with less obvious scarring and pigmentation.

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