BAZAAR Clinical Aesthetics Awards 2019: Best Laser Facial

VOW Signature Hydra-Laser Facial by Vow Laser & Aesthetic


As time passes, our skin’s natural ability to exfoliate gradually slows to a halt. In order to stimulate and liven up the skin, the VOW Signature Hydra-Laser Facial treatment stimulates and accelerates the speed of collagen reproduction within the deepest layers of your skin. After an in-depth consultation, a skin analysis device is able to detect loss of hydration, sensitivity, buried acne, general epidermis health, wrinkles, and sebum-production irregularities before deciding on  the next course of action.


Based on the generated results, a customised treatment plan is laid out, as well as after-treatment tips to prolong the results of the facial. The non-invasive treatment kicks off with the application of two powerhouse serums—AHA and BHA, which gently remove debris from pores through a painless suction procedure. The laser treatment then begins, going around the facial area twice, and focusing on any troubled spots. Dynamic pulsed light is then employed to brighten skin and enhance its recovery before the final step—a hydrating dose of hyaluronic acid serum using a refreshing mist nozzle, breathing life into fatigued skin.


Results are immediately apparent—nothing short of a small miracle, considering this non-invasive, and no downtime treatment takes all of 45 minutes, while leaving you with plumper, brighter, and more hydrated skin. For the jet-setting power woman who’s always on the move, tackling day-to-day errands with swift convictions, the Signature Hydra-laser Facial will fit quite nicely into your schedule.

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