BAZAAR Fragrance Awards 2019: Most Refreshing Spritz

Goutal Paris Rose Pompon Alcohol-Free Water, RM475 (100ml)


Inspired by nature and a desire for gentle perfuming, the Maison Goutal offers loyal wearers of the Rose Pompon a new approach to the fragrance with its alcohol-free water. Still as romantic and vibrant as the classic, the top notes of raspberry, blackcurrant, and pink pepper are reminiscent of the sparkling atmosphere along the cobblestone streets of Rue des Rosiers in Paris. The heart nose of rose and peony recall the gentle breeze that stirs the blossoms in springtime, while the dry down scent of musk, cedar, and patchouli linger on … like the sounds of tittering laughter heard from café terraces. 


A pure concentration of freshness and fragrance, the Rose Pompon Alcohol-Free Water is intended for use without moderation. Misted generously on the body, hair, and clothing, the new fragrance formula is composed for the pleasure of its wearer.


The Rose Pompon’s gentle update is also reflected on the bottles. Housed in white porcelain, the fragrance is adorned with a botanical decor that appears almost as if embroidered on the base. Pretty in pink, the fragrance is bound to appeal to the woman who loves her clean-beauty and natural scents.

Available at all Kens Apothecary boutiques.