BAZAAR Fragrance Awards 2019: Editor’s Pick, Maison Christian Dior Lucky

Editor’s Pick

Maison Christian Dior Lucky RM395 (40ml)


As the story goes, Monsieur Christian Dior would ask his petites mains to sew into the hem of a sleeve or a dress, a single stem of lily of the valley—for luck. And like a hidden lily sewn into metres of cascading silk, Dior perfumer-creator François Demachy created a profusion of freshness and white florals with an ethereal scent, beautifully encapsulated in Lucky.


From bloom to bottle, each individual fragrance within the Maison Christian Dior collection is a journey for the perfumer-creator. “This collection is an anthology of emotions, an olfactory ‘sketch book’ that brings together free-form studies, with neither beginning nor end,” says Monsieur Demachy. Scented with care, the fragrance allows the lily of the valley to take centre stage whilst hints of white flowers, orange blossom, and tuberose stir in the background.

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Flouting technical constraints, fashions, and trends, the world of Dior scents—according to Demachy—is one of re-creation. From Grasse to Paris, he benefits from Dior’s unique expertise; the finest flowers and the rarest ingredients nourishing his boundless creativity. “I have the absolute luxury of being able to follow my heart of the Dior world. His fragrances are pictorial, sensual, and dedicated to a love of raw materials … as well as being evocative.” Within the large and luminous universe of fragrances, Lucky is a profusion of charm that transforms into exquisite emotions and sensations.

Available at Christian Dior Paris in Pavilion KL.