BAZAAR Spa Awards 2019: Best Body Sculpt Treatment

Best Body Sculpt Treatment: Thalgo

Body Sculpt with Body Palp, RM350 for 45 minutes per body part


Rid yourself of cellulite and stubborn pockets of fat with Thalgo’s Body Sculpt treatment. With the patented Body Palp technology as the star of the show, this high-performing slimming treatment is painless, non-invasive, and yields visible results after just one treatment. The suction power of a cupping glass, coupled with five exclusive Thalgo massage techniques administered by hand, aims to stimulate, smooth, reshape, and firm the body. Tailored to individual body-shaping needs, each treatment begins with an ultra-exfoliating peel and a highly active hot/cold-effect double body wrap.


An extraordinary concept tool with a calibrated pump inspired by the lift and roll action in cupping therapies, Body Palp intensifies and strengthens the therapist’s hand pressure by almost 10 times. Each manual application becomes deeper and more concentrated to facilitate the breaking down of cellulite, visibly reshaping the silhouette in no time.

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After three treatments, look forward to a 33 percent reduction in cellulite depth, an 87 percent push-up in the buttocks, and 100 percent firmness of skin. “This therapy gave me a super effective shortcut to firmer, toned thighs,” says Amy Yasmine, BAZAAR’s fashion editor. “An all-natural confidence booster with immediate results.

Available at authorised Thalgo spas and salons nationwide.