BAZAAR Tries: Get Healthy Skin With Beauty & Co. Clinic

Here’s the secret to healthy, glowing skin

Whatever you do with your skin is totally your prerogative, but for most beauty buffs, the propensity to constantly improve your complexion, visage and well-being is a shared notion we’re all familiar with. If you’re looking to minimise your appearance without hoarding bottles and bottles of skincare, then you’ve got to catch up on the latest trends in facial treatments. 

Beauty & Co.

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke cocktail of vitamins to inject into the skin or want to combat uneven skin tone, we’ve recently discovered a new facial treatment — Copper Bright Facial — that works wonders for any skin type. Situated at Beauty & Co. Clinic, this is the spot to be if you want to fix uneven skin tone, under-eye concerns and more, with instant gratification. 

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In this month’s of BAZAAR Tries, we went to Beauty & Co. Clinic to explore their latest facial treatment.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Copper Bright Facial at Beauty & Co. Clinic: 

Flaunting a soft pastel and feminine palette, Beauty & Co. Clinic cultivated a sanctuary that promotes healthy habits and living. With tons of facial and body treatments under its roster, this beauty spot has state-of-the-art technology that lets you begin your skincare journey with ease and comfort. For those looking to breed confidence and beauty, then this hotspot is perfect for you. 

The quality of care starts from the second you walk through their doors — a one-stop-shop giving you a 360-degree approach to the right specialists, personalised plans and an extensive menu of options. And, our favourite at the moment is their Copper Bright Facial treatment. 

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If you’re looking to say goodbye to dull, uneven skin tone, then the Copper Bright Facial treatment should be your go-to for rejuvenated, glowing and refreshed skin. After just one session, you’ll see instant progress, which they’ll share with you — the before and after. Helping solve sunburns, pigmentation, dark spots, sensitive skin and more, this facial treatment pledges to help you achieve perfection after just 30 minutes under the laser.

FDA-Approved, the facial treatment is a laser therapy that works by using a combination of yellow and green light to target your concerned area. The laser will then be programmed to emit light in the specific wavelength that is best absorbed by the skin to remove facial capillaries or it can be programmed to emit the wavelengths best absorbed by melanin to lighten pigmentation.

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On top of that, the facial treatment also seeks to give you comfort with their cleansing routine and massage before the laser treatment. All-in-all, this next-generation non-invasive treatment is definitely our go-to for the rest of the year. 

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