This might be overstating things, but occasionally, certain products come into your life and check every box on a list of wants you didn’t even know you had and speak to your soul in a way that makes divine intervention seem like the only likely explanation. This is one of those for me. It’s a fragrance (my favorite beauty category!), packaged in a book (English major here!), about Los Angeles (hometown pride!), titled ‘She Called But He Was Unreachable’ (story of my dating life!). It’s a lot of whimsy, I admit, but where it really matters—the scent—there’s restraint. Sunny and warm and citrus-y with the faintest hints of flowers and salt, it fits better with the Joan Didion version of California than the showy Kardashian one.

And if the West Coast isn’t your thing, there are two other stories—Paris and London (each the brainchild of a different perfume and illustrator duo)—to choose from in the new Fictions fragrance collection, launching next week at Anthropologie. In a market saturated with scent after scent that reminds you of 10 other scents just like it, these stand out.

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