Beauty Talk with Bybi Beauty

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Tell us more about BYBI Beauty’s efforts in sustainability.

  • Packaging

First and foremost we print directly onto glass for all products that can be packaged in glass, as glass is infinitely recyclable. We use a plant-based ink that does not affect the material’s ability to be recycled and the omittance of sticky plastic labels on our bottles makes it much easier for the consumer to recycle. For products that cannot be packaged in glass (balms and scrubs for example), we use a bio-plastic material derived from biodegradable sugarcane. It can be recycled or composted at an industrial composting facility. The production of this material is also carbon neutral. When you order from your skincare will arrive in one of our grasspaper boxes. The production of which uses up to 80% less energy than that of wood pulp. Plus, grasspaper uses just 1 litre of water per ton vs. 3,000 litres per ton of wood pulp. Our gift sets and BYBI Bundles (customisable skincare sets) are housed in reusable pouches made from paper, cotton and metal. The only piece of plastic is a 2mm zip stopper, but including the zip on the pouch was important to encourage less waste by consumers reusing them (as a
makeup bag or even clutch bag) rather than throwing them away. On the whole, 97% of our packaging is recyclable. 3% is not. This includes Mega Mist’s pump and the rubber part of the dropper used for our products such as the Bakuchiol Booster. We’re working to get this as close to 100% as possible.

  • Ingredients
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We hold direct relationships with most of our raw material suppliers to ensure that we fully understand their sourcing strategies. The shea butter used across the line in Babe Balm, Babe Balm Bronze, Smooth & Soothe Scrub, Buffer and Plumper has won a sustainable ingredient award. Lipex SheaLight is made using renewable resources and low energy processes. It’s partnered with over 300,000 women in West Africa to supply a responsible sourcing project that makes working life easier and safer for them. Our Strawberry and Blueberry Boosters are made from 100% cold pressed strawberry and blueberry seed oil. They’re both by-products of the juicing industry, saving it from going to waste. The oils are produced solely from seeds that would otherwise be thrown away and the process is carbon-neutral.

  • The Green Score
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We are conscientious of all of the ingredients that we select to use in our products. We assess
all ingredients using The BYBI Green Score – this is a system we developed that grades a
material on a number of different factors, eg biodegradability and renewability, and assigns a
score to each raw material. The lower the number, the more eco an ingredient is. All
formulations must achieve a certain target green score before they can be produced. We are
constantly checking and looking at the latest research – what may have once been sustainable,
may no longer be, and The Green Score has been built to be a fluid model to reflect that.

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