DIY Makeup Finally Arrives in Kuala Lumpur

You walk into your local beauty store and end up spending hours just swatching the entire counter for your perfect shade. Sound like a familiar scenario? We hear you. The journey to discovering your true shades — lipsticks, foundation, or whatever it might be — is never an easy feat, but it just got a lot more exciting.

Beauty brands are starting to recognize the extensive diversity within the industry, and bespoke makeup is set to take the world by storm. Luckily, beauty enthusiasts will start playing a bigger role and assuming a vital part in their makeup routine as The Lip Lab Malaysia introduces personalized makeup into Malaysian shores. Strategically located at one of the biggest shopping malls in the region, spend hours curating your makeup kit at the counter of their very first branch in the country at 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

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No bookings or appointment needed — walk into their store for a quick consultation before starting your very own beauty lab. Choose from a list of products that are available to customize, and then stir up a storm with one of their friendly consultants to create your very own product. The personalizations even go down into picking your favorite scent — or no scent at all! — to your preferred finishing.

Bring your favorite girlfriends (or boyfriends!), or spend the afternoon by yourself learning about the art of customization by the experts behind the counter for an insightful session about the industry’s progressive move towards recognizing a greater diversity within the beauty community.

The Lip Lab Malaysia, 1st Floor, Lot FK105, 1 Utama Shopping Centre