Best New Red Lipsticks For When You Can Finally Go Full Glam

Red Lipsticks

Image courtesy of Burberry

It used to be that double-masking meant using two different kinds of skincare masks on your face at the same time. This allows you to treat different skin concerns simultaneously and is a delightful sensorial, self-care experience. Today, double-masking has a more critical meaning, which refers to using two face masks  – one surgical and one cloth – to reduce exposure to COVID-19. Although not mandatory, this is a practice that’s currently recommended by our Health Ministry (MOH)

So, let’s face it, with double-masking now a thing, wearing lipstick is the last thing you’d be thinking of right now, wouldn’t it? Well, we beg to differ. You can still wear a bright red lip colour even when you’re not going outdoors; there are work meetings, virtual parties, networking mixers, and more to attend. Alternatively, consider wearing it for yourself when you want to look and feel good at home. Don’t let being stuck inside part you from your love of the powerful red lip colour. And hey, being in lockdown isn’t going to last forever! Here, we’ve compiled some of the hottest lipstick launches for when you want to go full glam.

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Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom

Looking for a little lip-enhancing magic? The new Rouge Coco Bloom provides a plumping effect coupled with intense, long-lasting colour. Micro-droplets of oils in one swipe reveals spectacular shine and moisture for up to eight hours when coming into contact with the surface of the lips. We’re particularly smitten with this shade of red.


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