Cartier Presents Les Heures de Parfum: One For Every Hour

Cartier presents a repertoire of scented moments, one for every emotion…

The thirteen exclusive fragrances are captured in simple glass bottles.

It is undeniable that scent, emotions and memories are intertwined. The right fragrance can lift up your confidence and bring you to a place of pure serenity and happiness. This year, Cartier captures every emotion in a simple glass bottle.

Created in 2009, The Les Heures de Parfum collection encompasses thirteen exclusive and unique fragrances – one for every moment in life. Whether you’re looking for something precious or modern, the series encompasses every kind of scent for him and for her.

Every bottle is engraved with Roman numerals – including the Maison’s well-loved Les Heures de Parfum VIII – L’Heure Diaphane.

Brought to life by the one and only Cartier perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, these fragrances are a result of a fine selection of materials and ingredients. Unconstrained by any artifice, the perfume is focused on olfactory authenticity. Exceptional Creativity and boldness come together to bring out every emotion and feeling, really expressing and embracing the art of perfume.

“An hour is not merely an hour. It is a vase filled with perfumes, sounds, places and climates.” – Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time

Explore the High Perfumery fragrances here and get expect to collect an array of new memories.

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