Explore the New Bvlgari Parfums Rose Goldea Blossom Delight with Yaya Zahir and Asma’ Nasa

Spirited on by the phrase ‘Anything is Possible’, the Bvlgari Parfums Rose Goldea Blossom Delight invites you to take an everyday moment and make it extraordinary.


Fresh, vibrant and sophisticated, Bvlgari Parfums brand new Rose Goldea Blossom Delight Eau De Toilette is a tribute to the beloved rose flower. An olfactive experience brimming with joy and blossoming optimism, the scent captures the excitement of a bright and luminous future.



With the new eau de toilette, expect a fresher scent with the same floral appeal—translating the promise of roses into a light, transparent and ultra-luminous signature.


Its bouquet opens with a graceful dance of lily of the valley accord and sparkling grapefruit before being greeted to the star of the show—rose. Bottling that very moment when roses are about to blossom:  fresh and delicate rosebuds intertwine with the bright and voluptuous notes of peony to reveal a wave of radiant elegance. Finally, a soft veil of white musk and cedarwood blankets the scent, adding a sliver of sensuality and comfort to the fragrance.

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Dedicated to the women who continue to be courageous, determined and positive, we speak to two women that encompass this very outlook to life: Yaya Zahir and Asma’ Nasa. Yaya adores the uplifting properties of the scent. “It’s such a mood lifter and instantly makes me feel happier—like I’ve been transported to a dreamy rose garden,” she explains.



A fan of anything rose, Asma explains that “ as a lover of roses, this fragrance really captures the beauty of the flower and it smells amazing when it’s touched on your skin I think it’s the epitome of femininity and i love that this makes me feel like I love being a woman”.