JISOO BLACKPINK Lends Her Serene Elegance To Our May ’22 Cover

How the Korean superstar’s singular style and arresting beauty keep the world intrigued and captivated. 

PHOTOGRAPHED BY KIM HEE JUNE STYLED BY LEE YUN MI. JISOO wears the Dior Spring/Summer ’22 collection, with make-up from Dior Beauty.

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The luxurious bare-shoulder dress is made of silk cotton. Pair with the sporty “Dior Vibe” micro bag for a spin on daytime dressing. Dress; bodysuit; and bag, all from DIOR.


Musician and internationally acclaimed artist, JISOO of BLACKPINK, is now Dior’s Global Ambassador of Fashion and Beauty. Dressed in the Dior Spring/ Summer ’22 collection, her beauty accented by the latest lipstick shades from Dior Addict, JISOO steps forward as the quintessential Dior woman. 

HB: You have been appointed as a Dior Fashion & Beauty Global Ambassador. What are your honest impressions?

JISOO: Dior has always been both my love in fashion and beauty, so I think it is more significant to be an ambassador for both at the same time. I feel that I have become an ambassador of the Dior brand by representing both fashion and beauty, not just one or the other. I am also more enthusiastic going into today’s shoot because I wore Dior from head to toe, from fashion to make-up, everything.

HB: What is it about the Dior brand that appeals to you?

JISOO: I think that Dior is the most powerful brand because it looks simple and elegant, and at the same time, it looks charismatic. I like it because it fits well with my usual style, which is to draw attention without being flashy in design or style.



A-line mini dress reminiscent of the ’50s, with cute enamel shoes. Dress; and shoes, both from DIOR.


HB: What did you think of the Dior Spring/Summer collection that you actually saw in Paris? 

JISOO: I was impressed with the colourful show venue and the looks with point colours. The atmosphere of the venue and the clothes were in perfect harmony, and I felt that every detail, starting with the clothes, had been meticulously considered. Even the models’ walks were different from other shows, it was like watching a piece of entertainment! The invitations were in the shape of (the board game) Monopoly, so I wondered, “What kind of show is this?” and I was very curious about the show (laughs). I really enjoyed myself while watching it. 



Nude pink brings out the true colour of the lips and adds a dainty touch. Dior Addict Lipstick 100; and dress, both from DIOR.

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Celebrity visual director: Choi You Jin
Producer: Yu Li Na
Hair: Baek Heung Kwon
 at Agency Seed
Make-up: Lee Na Kyeum at BRIXx
Manicure: Park Eun Kyung (UNISTELLA) at CO-OP