Fight Urban Stresses and Maintain Your Skin’s Youth with Sisley Paris

Nicolas Chesnier, Asia Pacific regional managing director of Sisley Paris

The development of melanin, also known as dark spots, is one of the first telltale signs of ageing. While long-term exposure to UV rays has always been thought as the sole reason behind ageing, my recent interview with Sisley Paris’s Asia Pacific regional managing director, Nicolas Chesnier, proved otherwise. “[In] the latest discovery, we see that women in [cities] … age more than [women] in rural areas,” said Chesnier. One would think that women in rural areas tend to age quicker because they have more exposure to the sun but it is women in the urban areas who are more susceptible to ageing. UV radiation, coupled with a higher level of pollution and free radicals, will asphyxiate the skin, eventually causing the formation of dark spots.

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Anti-ageing products: When to begin?

“The earlier you start, the better,” Chesnier explained. At the age of 18, our skin’s defense generally begin to deteriorate, and so, we can look to “products that are meant for prevention … [because] if you use it, you can keep your youthful look.” But it’s not just having a good skincare ritual or top-of-the-line products. Leading a healthy lifestyle such as regular workouts and a balanced diet, is also one of the keys to maintaining your youth.

Defend Your Skin from Urban Stresses

Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Brightening Daily Defense Fluid SPF 50 – PA++++, RM1,100


Founded in the late ‘70s, Sisley Paris is known to produce cosmetics that are high in efficiency and tolerance level. And after seven years in the pipeline, the French beauty brand will be launching the answer to counteracting urban stresses this March with its new Phyto-Blanc Brightening Daily Defense Fluid SPF 50 – PA++++. This two-in-one daily skincare will not only treat and defend skin from ageing, air pollution, and free radicals, your skin will also be kept hydrated all day long. Extremely lightweight and sweat proof, this fluid is perfect for our Malaysian weather.

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Apply every morning on the face and neck area before make-up for all-day-long protection and radiant skin.