3 Things To Do This Weekend

Udon making is one of the many skills to pick up during the cooking course. Image: ABC Studio

#1 Try your hand at cooking

Why don’t you… get on with your list of resolutions for year 2017 by first learning how to cook? ABC Studio, a leading Japanese cooking school just opened their first outpost in Malaysia, with a strong focus on providing a friendly and casual environment for various courses such as cooking, baking, and wagashi-making (traditional Japanese confectionery). Get inspired by the plethora of recipes available and immerse yourself in this pleasant cooking experience. http://www.abc-cooking.com.my/

Image: Tourism Selangor

#2 Take a short hike

Weekends are meant for a quick recharge, so make full use of it by swapping in the stress for the scenic views of the KL skyline. A favourite among locals, this half-day hike up Bukit Tabur is easily accessible and offers mind-blowing views of the city which you were never made aware of. Perfect way to start the healthy weekend, we think!

Goma Bavarian. Image: Nobu KL

#3 Reward yourself with a delicious meal

After all the work you’ve done, its time to indulge in the Chinese New Year menu at Nobu, that’s available only for a limited time. Not a stranger to great flavours and artful plating, Chef Philip Leong puts out another well-thought menu, carrying familiar oriental flavours and ending the 5-course meal with a stunning dessert. With components such as satsuma sherbet, miso crumble and white peach sauce dancing around our tastebuds, it is true when they say “save the best for the last”. http://www.noburestaurants.com/kuala-lumpur/