Boosting Your Immune System, Made Easy

As we are still living within a pandemic, it pays to err on the side of caution. While we continue to observe proper SOPs as we go through our day to day, we have also become even more aware of the importance of maintaining our health on the regular. Though vaccination and subsequent booster shots remain the priority, many Malaysians have also turned to supplements to help boost their immune system. But with quite a few opinions to wade through, which supplements should you take?

MyVitalab is hoping to answer that question for you in the simplest way possible. A new player in the wellness industry, MyVitalab is a homegrown online health and wellness platform that aims to revolutionise the industry with its simple mantra: #SupplementsMadeSimple.

Made up of a team of nutritionists, pharmacists and doctors, MyVitalab does the homework for you by sourcing the best supplements from around the world and then curating them for particular needs. These supplements are then pre-packed into daily sachets and delivered to your doorstep so you won’t ever have to miss your intake or even run out of supplies.

Founder and chief executive officer of MyVitalab, Nabiha Aimi.

Founder and chief executive officer, Nabiha Aimi, came up with the idea for MyVitalab when she began sorting and packing her own grandparents’ daily supplements in little ziplock bags that were then scribbled with descriptions of each supplement along with instructions on when to take them. Needless to say, the method worked—it improved her grandparents’ supplement consumption habit by making it straightforward and convenient.

MyVitalab’s specially curated supplements pre-packed in daily sachets for easy consumption.

“In a modern world where there are many barriers to a healthy lifestyle habit, an advanced and innovative way of consuming nutritional supplements can help fill in the gaps,” says Nabiha Aimi. “One of the most important aspects of achieving vibrant health is by maintaining consistent, optimal levels of nutrients in your body. But when you’re on the go, good lifestyle habits are often the first thing to suffer.”

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“MyVitalab with its conveniently pre-packed premium daily supplements makes it easy for the public to get the right nutrition their body needs to flourish. Each box contains a 30-day supply of supplement packets or sachets. We have carefully curated all of the supplements for you in these pre-pack boxes, so you don’t have to do any guessing game with which supplement would be best paired with which. Consumers can just conveniently tear these packets and consume the supplements daily at any time, though it is always best to be consistent.”

Left: Koay Suat Ling, MyVitalab’s head nutritionist. Right: The latest offerings from MyVitalab, Vitamunity and Vitarepair.

MyVitalab have just released two wellness packs into the market, namely Vitamunity to encourage a functioning immune system, and Vitarepair for muscle recovery. Vitamunity contains expertly formulated combination of core supplements, which include Vitamin C with Zinc+, Grape Seed and D3 1000IU. Koay Suat Ling, MyVitalab’s head nutritionist says, “The supplements are made with the highest quality of ingredients with bioavailable nutrients. Vitamin C with Zinc+ is an essential supplement for maintaining a healthy immune function by preventing and shortening infections and supporting the function of white blood cells. While [the often overlooked] Grape Seed is a potent source of antioxidant that alleviates the oxidative stress, inflammation and tissue damage that can occur alongside chronic diseases. It is also a great source for healthier skin. As for D3 1000IU, clinical studies show that Vitamin D supplements may help improve the quality of bone as well as promoting bone reabsorption. Vitamin D enhances and support the immune system’s response to both bacterial and viral agents via differentiation and immune response activity.”

Boost your immune system with supplements curated for MyVitalab’s Vitamunity pack.

Nabiha Aimi continues, “At MyVitalab, we want to show that consuming supplements doesn’t have to be complicated. We keep it simple and easy for our consumers. Further, we also want to make sure that the products we offer are of high quality with the most economical price.”

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All of MyVitalab supplements are MAL-certified under the Health Ministry of Malaysia and are Halal certified. For online purchase, visit here.