The Best Virtual Postnatal Fitness Classes


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Postnatal exercise comes with specific guidelines: you should get sign-off from your GP at six weeks before starting any fitness regime (prior to that, only gentle walks are advisable), and be mindful not to attempt what you were doing pre-pregnancy right away, but to rehab properly.


“Every woman’s post-pregnancy journey is different,” says PT, fitness influencer and new mother Kayla Itsines. "It’s essential that you work closely with your health professionals and only do exercise that you have clearance to do.”


After pregnancy, many women suffer from a condition known as 'diastasis recti', where the abdominal wall separates. Taking this – and other postnatal complications – into account when working out from home, it pays to follow a specialist programme, or interact live with an expert who can advise you personally on your post-pregnancy journey.


Below, find 16 of the best virtual classes that are as safe as they are effective:

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CariFit is a unique baby-wearing workout perfect for mums with infants aged six weeks to 18 months old. Based on low-impact HIIT principles, prepare to sweat and burn as 30 minutes fly by, while your baby feels snug and safe strapped to your chest. They stream daily live classes with founder and postnatal fitness specialist Vern Hill and his team for just £5, and you can catch up with some on YouTube.

Find the timetable and book here.

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