Healthy Reads: The 11 Best Books For Wellness


Spot On Nutrition

There is a lot of nutrition information out there and it is hard to tell what to listen to. This books cuts through the dogma and gives you the hard facts behind what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid.

spot on

Spot On Nutrition, from approx. RM125.90 ,

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy

Written by the grandfather of holistic health Paul Chek, this classic gives you a step by step plan for addressing all areas of health: Nutrition, Digestion, Hormones, Exercise, Breathing, Thinking, Emotional and Spiritual.

eat, move, be healthy

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy, from approx. RM93 ,

The Micronutrient Miracle

Micronutrients —vitamins, minerals and fatty acids—are the foundation of true health and if you are deficient in any your body will not function the way it should. Find out how to cover all your bases in this book.

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The Micronutrient Miracle, from approx. RM63.60 ,

How to Heal Your Metabolism

A history of dieting and calorie restricting can wreak havoc on your metabolism. This book gives you everything you need to reverse that and more.


How to Heal Your Metabolism,  from approx. RM73.70 ,

The Untethered Soul

We spend most of our days nourishing the physical. If you want to learn how to nourish your soul, align the subtle energies in your body and connect with the real you, read this book.


The Untethered Soul,  from approx. RM38.30,

Light Is The New Black

Learn how to let your light shine. Designed for all the goddesses out there but I thoroughly enjoyed it as well.


Light Is the New Black, from approx. RM50,

A New Earth

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Sometimes you read a book that changes your perspective for a few hours, others a whole lifetime. This was that book for me.

new earth

A New Earth,  from approx. RM39.80,

The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo

You do not have to do Ayahuasca to appreciate the wisdom that comes from the art of Shaman Pablo Amaringo. His beautiful paintings combine with a narrative that provides seemingly endless life lessons. It also makes for a great coffee table piece.

Ayahuasca Visions

The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo​,  from approx. RM117.60,

The Four Agreements

Simple and powerful. Four simple things you can tell yourself every single moment to support your journey in life.

the four agreement

The Four Agreements,  from approx. RM27.90,

The Synchronicity Key

When you run into somebody at just the right time or you get an opportunity when you most need it, that is probably not coincidence, that is synchronicity at its best. This book explores that on a global and historical scale.

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Synchronicity Key

The Synchronicity Key​,  from approx. RM31,

How to Know Higher Worlds

Written by Rudolf Steiner—spiritual philosopher, architect, founder of biodynamic farming, and founder of the Waldorf school system—there is not much you can’t learn from this man. This book focuses on how to re-connect your inner spiritual faculties.

higher world

How to Know Higher Worlds​,  from approx. RM54.60,