Personality and the Definition of Freedom #IAMLIBRE

Three women share their definition of freedom through LIBRE Eau De Parfum, portraying their best experience. Warm notes paired with the softness of flowers bring out their ultra-feminine personalities.


LIBRE Eau De Parfum is the latest fragrance from YSL.

Having freedom is every woman’s dream. “FREE. That’s the one word that defines Yves Saint Laurent.” The latest fragrance from YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum breathes an aura of experiment in celebrating freedom and personal style, while injecting the mind with a freshness to chase your dreams.

DJ Arabyrd

DJ ARABYRD defines Freedom with YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum.

The masterpiece of renowned fragrance experts, Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm brings a twist in combining masculine and feminine elements in one bold formula. Lavender flower essence from Provence, France evokes mesmerising emotions of Orange Blossom creating warmth.

Bold notes of Vanilla from Madagascar and classic ambergris from Grisalva highlights an intense floral aroma.

Back in 1977 the blend of resins and spice was brought together with traditional elements named the ‘Flower of Fire,’ an olfactory representation of a struck match lighting an opium pipe. Thus, Opium YSL’s most famous fragrance was born. It is one of the perfumes that symbolises the 20th century. The new YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum stays true to traditions with its unique floral notes, reflecting the free spirit. Masculine and ultra-feminine structures are emphasised in YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum.

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The Essence of Libre


The fragrance features bold notes of Vanilla from Madagascar and classic ambergris.

Discover the essence of each fragrance note through YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum couture. DIVA LAVENDER through a new cultivation process helps in maintaining the freshness and fragrance of this flower which is grown in the mountainous region surrounding Provence. Each process is done by hand to produce 100% natural essential oils and then combined with CO2. LAVANDIN HEART is often used as a clothing fragrance since Roman times, a combination of two wild lavender flowers. Only the flower heads are freshly picked and steam-distilled to maintain freshness. A process made exclusive to Yves Saint Laurent only.

The warmth of VANILLA BOURBON PURE JUNGLE ESSENSETM goes through a 6- month drying process to develop its aroma. Yves Saint Laurent Vanilla is obtained sustainably in Madagascar through community programs. The unique and beloved Orange Blossom flower by Carlos Benaïm combines exclusive elements. This flower is grown in the area of Rabat-Salé-Kenitra in Morocco.


DJ IRAMA with the new YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum a symbol of freedom.

The Libre Flacon

As for the design of the YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum flacon, a majestic gold chain is neatly wrapped around its bottleneck, topped by an asymmetrical black cover, and the iconic Cassandre ‘YSL’ logo is swung to the side. This may be the explanation for the outstanding and bold appearance of ‘Libre’. Inside this little bottle, there are two scents that go beyond masculine and feminine taking inspiration from the neat stitching synonymous to the Yves Saint Laurent suit. As such, Libre is a prime example of Yves Saint Laurent’s core style and innovation in the global world of fashion and beauty, and this is why it has become a favourite of strong liberated women around the world.


The scent goes beyond masculine and feminine.

Dua Lipa: The Face of YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum

Few can convey the message of freedom to the world as eloquently as Dua Lipa for Libre. She is Libre’s beauty ambassador and is celebrated as a millennial icon. She said, “To be free for a woman in 2019 goes without asking. We live life by our own rules.”  Since her legendary debut album in 2017, Dua Lipa has broken records, becoming the most followed female artist in the world. Her aura is mesmerising, and she made history by being nominated for five categories at the 2018 Brit Awards.


Edgy, cool and free, DJ AIDAHO with YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum.

The video for her song ‘New Rules’, a song about women empowerment managed to garner more than a billion views on YouTube, making her the youngest female artist to reach this success. She is an icon of fashion and beauty.

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Freedom is in Your Hands

YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum

Be ‘FREE’ with YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum.

The #IAMLIBRE campaign welcomes the vision and definition of ‘FREEDOM’ with a line-up of local female DJs who have their own stories to share with women around the world. DJ ARABYRD, DJ IRAMA and DJ AIDAHO are united in delivering an incredible message through the #IAMLIBRE campaign series. These three personalities aspire to obtain exclusive inspiration through YSL LIBRE Eau De Parfum in their daily lives.

Credit: Videography JACKIE MAH, ONE3FOURSTUDIO, Photographer  EDMUND LEE, ONE3FOURSTUDIO, Creative Director NISA’ HALID, Project Manager JULIA AZMAN Assisted by ALISHA AZUDDIN & AZIZ DRAIM, Stylist MUZAMMIN MUZLAN, Makeup Artist SHIYO JO, Hair Stylist  CODY CHUA, Clothes  AllSaints, Moschino, Karl Lagerfeld & Manolo Blahnik

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