In Conversation with: Jess Hatzis of Frank Body


We’ve never met a Frank Body scrub we didn’t love. Not only do their scrubs hydrate, soothe and gently buff, it’s their pun-ny, quirky and hilarious take on packaging and product names that catches our eyes and has got us chuckling in the middle of a Sephora aisle. Now, expanding beyond their cult-favourite coffee scrubs, Frank Body now boast a collection of face masks, eye cream, body hydrators, lip tints and more. Speaking to Jess Hatzis—one of four of the founders of Frank Body—she shares the do’s and dont’s of body scrubs and how their team finds inspiration to their signature, quirky product names.


From Left to Righ: Bree Johnson, Steve Rowley, Jess Hatzis, Alex Boffa


We’ve really been relying on your Frank Body scrubs to keep skin hydrated, especially during the most recent lockdown—what are some scrubbing tips you can share to maximise the powers of the Frank Body scrubs? 

JH: Always follow with a great moisturizer and make sure you’re consistent with your routine. The benefit of our scrubs is that your skin will look and feel amazing straight away, but the best results come with consistent use. 


What are some don’ts and not-to-do’s with scrubs that you still see people doing?

JH: Never scrub dry skin! That will irritate it and won’t get you the silky, soft skin you’re dreaming of.



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We’re obsessed with the packaging of the ​​Perky Sculpting Body Hydrator—how did that idea come about and could you tell us more about the product? 

JH: Thanks! We love it too. We collaborate a lot as a team when it comes to developing our packaging and I believe that idea was from my co-founder Alex who wanted to innovate the way brands approach body products; we wanted it to be fun, reusable and environmentally friendly. It brought to life by our wonderful Creative Manager. 


The quotes on the scrub packaging are always fun and cheeky—who usually comes up with them and how do you find inspiration for them? 

JH: Myself and my co-founder Bree developed the tone of voice and wrote most of the copy that you see on the scrub packaging. We also now have wonderful copywriters in our team who bring the frank voice to life across many touchpoints. It was so important to us that our customers had a fun experience with the brand at all times.



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What has been your favourite scrub to create and why? 

JH: Original coffee scrub as that’s how frank body all started. 


What makes your scrubs different from others on offer? 

JH: There are so many wonderful, natural products on offer now which I think is fantastic. What I love about ours is the affordable price and the instant results.



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Foraying further into skincare  with the launch of the Brightening C Eye Serum—how did you decide for an eye product to be the next extension of the Frank Body brand? 

JH: Most of our products contain caffeine which does incredible things for the skin, including helping to depuff undereye area. You’ll find caffeine in the Eye Serum, ready to do its job!


Can we look forward to more face products in the future? 

JH: Definitely. We love producing quality products that deliver results at an affordable price. I always look for what’s missing in my routine and try to bring that to life.