JOY By Dior is The Latest Fragrance by Parfums Christian Dior After 20 Years

It’s been 20 years since the launch of the iconic J’adore by Parfums Christian Dior, the Maison’s last major perfume creation for women – making this release even that more exciting. With actress Jennifer Lawrence having been the face of the fashion house’s ready-to-wear for the past six years (and known for her jubilant and down-to-earth nature) it seemed rather fitting to have her embody a fragrance named ‘Joy’.


Parfums Christian Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy, created a scent that exudes happiness with the aim to be an expression of ourselves; a gift to women, “bringing a new Dior perfume to life is an event. For the entire house as much as for myself. It should rally and delight both men and women. It should have a far-reaching and generous dimension, with a strong signature. I was fortunate to know its name from the beginning. And what a name! Short, and lively yet not affected, it is open to all possibilities. To tell its story, I chose to create an enveloping scent, marked by softness as well as by energy. Joy by Dior is a breath of air, a path one travels, which carries you away.” — François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

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Joy By Dior 90ml, RM589

This fragrance is an intoxicating and harmonious experience that gradually unfolds as more subtle notes are revealed. With vibrant Grasse rose absolute and a jasmine blend, combined with sandalwood and musk, make it as expressive as it is intimate to the wearer.⁣

A sultry Jennifer Lawrence–every inch the Hollywood star, elegantly dressed in a white tulle couture confection and jewels, saunters over to a stark white pool with the gleaming Los Angeles skyline below, and swan dives in gracefully. Under starry skies, she exudes joy dressed up with a red slick of lipstick or pared down and barefaced, in the company of a mysterious stranger, and in true J.Law fashion, a real moment of unadulterated fun as she flirts with the camera and spits out water with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

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“Joy by Dior expresses the remarkable feeling of joy by providing an olfactive interpretation of light. This perfume resembles certain pointillist paintings that are rich with a precise, yet not too obvious, technique. Each of us percieves light without thinking about it, in our way. This perfume is constructed in a similar manner thanks to multiple nuances and myriad facets, which lead to a crystal-clear fragrance expression. It required a lot of time, development and abstraction but in the end, it has an immediately and lively presence.” – François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

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