Seize The Moment With The Limited Edition Chanel N°5 L’Eau

Images: Chanel.

Limited Edition N°5 L’Eau fragrance; Eternal N°5 ring in 18K white gold &diamonds J12002; and Eternal N°5 necklace in 18K white gold and diamonds J11991, all Chanel.


It was 2016 when we were first introduced to the Chanel N°5 L’Eau fragrance. It was the sparkling offspring of what is easily the world’s most famous perfume. Much like its legendary predecessor, N°5 L’Eau expresses an olfactory signature we’ve come to love. Essentially, that whiff of glamour elevated by aldehydes mingling with notes of jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang.

Limited Edition N°5 L’Eau fragrance; and Eternal N°5 bracelet in 18K white gold with diamonds J12816, all Chanel.

Lighter, Fresher, Modern

But N°5 L’Eau is no mere iteration. the scent is its own character. Where Chanel N°5 is warmer and richer in its floral declaration, N°5 L’Eau is instead lighter, fresher and distinctively modern. Naturally, this comes courtesy of the additions of lemon, mandarin, and orange anchored by the potent pulse of vetiver and cedar. It’s a casual yet active summer scent. Particularly impulsive and dazzling, designed to lift your spirits as you savour the bliss of the present moment. Like a drop of water that inspires and invigorates at the same time. 

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And now, for the first time in its legacy, N°5 l’Eau is setting itself further apart from its parent inspiration by leaving its historical flacon behind. Specifically, Chanel has dressed this modern elixir in a new limited edition vessel. A dainty pebble-like glass sculpted to symbolise “the delicate balance of strength and fragility required to capture passing time.”

Limited Edition N°5 L’Eau Drop from Chanel


The bottle is rounded and ethereal in shape and structure. Consequently, the form of this collector’s bottle is inspired by the idea of “a drop of life”, the promise that the scent holds within its composition. Oval and transparent, minimalist and youthful. In fact, the new bottle feels like a personal amulet that you can easily carry with you all day and everywhere. A pocket-size memento that—if one is allowed to be poetic—reminds you to experience the urgency of living. So seize the moment! And get your hands on this limited edition wonder before the moment passes you by.

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Campaign images for the Limited Edition N°5 L’Eau Drop from Chanel


The Limited Edition N°5 L’Eau from Chanel retails for RM670 (50 ml) and is now available in Chanel boutiques and online. Visit here and try the unique limited edition N°5 L’Eau interactive experience.