Local Aluminium-free Deodorants to Try Now


With the consumer climate being more mindful with what they put on their bodies—the concern of aluminum in deodorant has been a continuous debate regarding the safety of the ingredient and because of this, it has birthed a wave of cleaner, more natural alternatives.


Deodorants have come a long way in terms of creating cleaner, safer formulations—that do indeed work, and we’re happy to see our local beauty industry take on the challenge to create aluminum-free options that will have you smelling fresh for hours and keep perspiration at bay, Here, we round up some of our top picks for homegrown aluminum-free deodorant options.




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Skind’s Natural Deodorants are available in multiple scents, with our favourites being their lavender, orange and lemongrass and actually their unscented one too. Not only is it aluminium-free, it is also fragrance-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and baking soda free as well. It comfortably glides on the underarms and keeps perspiration under control for a favourable amount of hours. Super mindful of the environment, we love the fact that their packaging is also plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable too!




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Unsure of which fragrance you’d like best? We adore the fact that Joi offers a mini bundle set of all their deodorants as an introductory palette to their many options. These minis also make for the perfect travel companion and we can’t wait to bring them on board once we’re allowed to. We’re fans of their sensitive-skin option as it is baking-soda free and boosted with healthy magnesium, probiotics and chamomile essential oil. They’ve also integrated a subscription service available on their website, which means you’ll never have to worry about your deodorant running out!

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The Speak Collective


The Lavender + Jojoba Deodorant Cream by The Speak Collective is a super gentle alternative to your typical deodorant. Its creamy texture goes on just like your typical moisturiser or body lotion—simply swipe a pea-sized amount along the under arms for satin-soft protection that neutralises odour and keeps perspiration under control. Aluminium and baking soda-free, its ideal for even the most sensitive of underarms and has a lovely light lavender scent to it too.