The One Thing Nutritionists Want You To Stop Eating In 2018

Can you become healthier this new year simply by cutting out one thing from your diet? We posed the question to six leading nutritionists and received a range of interesting responses. Some of their choices are no brainers, while others are more surprising, and some highlight the importance of eliminating negative thoughts over foods. Intrigued? For some simple ways to eat, drink and think like a nutritionist in 2018, here’s what they suggest you avoid.

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Processed meat

“If there was one thing I wish people would stop eating in 2018 it would be processed meat. Processed meat is in my opinion one of the most disruptive foods out there. It is classed as a carcinogen (alongside smoking and asbestos), and is also said to contribute to antibiotic resistance, hormone problems and can disrupt insulin, which is why processed meats are linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and inflammation.

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“A high percentage of processed meat is made from confined animal feeding operations (factory farms), meaning they’re pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and other veterinary drugs, and this is before you start adding food chemicals. They’re a concentrated source of sodium nitrate, a chemical used as to not only preserve the meat but also to add to taste and colour. These nitrates are converted into nitrosamines in the body, which are the carcinogenic compounds that lead to higher rates of colorectal, stomach and pancreatic cancer. Then there’s the other cancer-causing compounds, such as HCA’s and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, which occur due to cooking methods, smokings and flavourings.

“The World Cancer Research Fund recommends limiting red meant but advises to avoid processed meat completely – so the new year is a perfect time to start afresh and switching to a more healthful source of meat.”

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– Rhian Stephenson, nutritionist, naturopath and CEO of Psycle London


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